MetroAtlanta Email Server Change

All, we've migrated email away from this server to Microsoft 365

To access your account webmail, please login here: Login | Microsoft 365

Please Remove your old email account from your mobile device and add your new account following instructions below.

For Outlook App

Select “Add New Account”
If prompted regarding the account type, select “Work or School Account.”

Enter the following:

For Android Mail

Settings > Accounts and Backups > Accounts > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

Enter the following:

For Apple Mail

Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Microsoft or Exchange Active Sync

Enter the following:
  • Email: (for ProCare employees, use
  • Password: {your email password}
  • Select Sign In. It’s important that it doesn’t attempt a manual sign in
  • If prompted, enter your phone number to verify your account. Microsoft will send you a one-time 6-digitverification code.
  • If prompted to say signed in, select, “Yes.”


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